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Implement Digital Quality and Self-evaluation Systems (EFQM)

It is a structured and periodic approach aims to conduct comprehensive audits of activities and outputs of the concerned organizations compared to the Excellence Model. This model is applied as a tool to check the overall sustainability of the organization, thus enabling it to set priorities, allocate resources and perform realistic and practical planning for the organization. Besides, it specifies accurate information about the strengths of the organization and the means to exploit those strengths for upholding its competitive position; on the contrary, it helps to identify the weaknesses of the concerned organization as well as determining the required priorities for improvement and giving an expanded opportunity to consider the extent to which business is affected by adherence to quality standards. This is accomplished through testing and evaluating nine basic standards followed by The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). The European Excellence Award was founded in 1988 by the European authority of specifications and standards, which is dedicated to various sectors of all kinds such as large and medium-sized sectors and small enterprises; also these standards can be implemented at the operational units’ level. Our system is capable to carry out audits and follow-ups by a dedicated consultant’s team within the company, who are qualified to assist any organization wishing to adhere to the European quality system for the purpose of elevating the in-house business system of the establishment.


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