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Setting Up the Infrastructures of Information Technology Centers

Our company is proud to introduce integrated solutions that intend to establish Information Technology Centers within companies or newly established organizations or market organizations that are willing to expand the structure of their Information Technology Departments, therefore, our company is fully dedicated to introduce these solutions and keeping them in line with the potentials of the organization and its own administrative and commercial needs, by introducing the following solutions:

  • Design and set up the infrastructure of the network systems using the latest networking technologies and equip the data center with servers and equipment necessary to manage the business with the capacity to withstand the High Voltage (HV).
    Set up safety procedures for the data center, as well as data backups and overall management services.
    Create business management systems within the organization (ERP Systems) and provide training programs for the organization’s technical personnel on how to manage the data center, how to utilize selected software systems and how to offer helpdesk services.
    Produce technical solutions and advancements that can be added to the Information Technology Center in an ongoing manner, as well as offering consulting and technical support services in a continuous and constant manner.

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