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Choosing an electronic archiving system is no longer crucial to the success of the archiving processes, particularly in governmental organizations, due to the multiplicity of global electronic archiving systems, the existence of varied approaches and targets related to the archiving process and also due to the higher costs , however, the key to the success of forming a robust electronic archive lies within the approach of adapting a successful plan of action, proper implementation, ongoing audits and periodic reviews.

And to ascertain the above-mentioned factors, we, the team of Digital Flow Information Technology, tend to follow policies along with a clear and mutual plan of action necessary to achieve success for all parties, based on systematic steps including: forming a work and reflection team that comprises of all the parties concerned with managing the electronic archive and the department in which the archive is produced, managing the Information Technology Department (IT) and managing the Archive Department assigned for maintaining data in the long-run.

Each member of the above-mentioned three parties distinguishes the standards related to his/her work field, raise concerns to other parties and take visuals from the Archive Department to determine the electronic archive that needs to be saved in the long-run (and forever), as instructed by the National Archive. Likewise, they raise matters concerning the modes of maintaining the data to ensure that it is well protected. Furthermore, the concerned members discuss with the Department of Information Technology the forms of hardware, software and struts that can be utilized in daily operations and then can be maintained in the long-run.

As a result, a policy of managing the electronic archive on the level of the concerned establishment is emerged from this integrated team. This policy can be further enriched depending on its implementation in the field and on the technological advancement.


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