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Programming and Information Systems Analysis Solutions

The design process begins with detailed analysis of in-house work systems within the organization and the documentary cycle of the customer. It’s also initiated with examining the required system’s objectives as well as examining the pre-existing software system (if any). Upon the completion of the system analysis process, the solutions proposed by our technical team are designed and discussed with the respective customer so that he/she can pick out the most appropriate solution among them with the lowest cost and highest quality needed to carry out the business.

The actual implementation process begins after acquiring the final approval of the respective customer and signing the contract, this can be fulfilled through setting the implementation schedule, obtaining the customer’s approval on it, the initiation process of designing the databases and business windows by the programming team, and presenting the output to the respective customer in periodic meetings in order to attain the appropriate vision foreseen by him/her, which meets the business requirements.

All of our specialized programs are subject to rigorous testing and debugging processes after its demo activation so that these specialized programs can be approved and finally run achieving the highest efficiency and quality levels.


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